The goal of this blog is to bring together all my curated articles, thoughts and interests around the software industry, AWS and startups. And of course I can’t forget talking about Enterprises, which seems to be a love/hate relationship. You either embrace the complexities of working with Enterprises or walk away. I decided a while ago that to work with Enterprises is character building, need I say more!

I look forward to getting feedback and discussing some of the topics I’m passionate about and hopefully you are passionate about too!

A bit about me…
I’m Ben Fellows and I’m an experienced AWS Solutions Architect, Cloud Automation Guy and Software Geek based in New Zealand.  Having worked with AWS S3 and EC2 since 2008 building websites and later Enterprise environments has given me a lot of experience on how to make the most of AWS. There are so many different services now on AWS, often customers don’t know where to start.

I started out as a “hacker”/ dev / network guy late 1990s in New Zealand when the web was taking off and Visual Basic 6, ASP, SQL Server, Novell and Token Ring networks were cool and Linux was awesome (it still is). Fast forward a few years and I have had a satisfying career providing consulting, software development, web development services and started (and stopped) some companies. I’ve learnt a lot on the way not just in tech, but also some hard business lessons like How not to sell, finances, when to walk away, when to drop your price, where to invest etc.

I’ve had the privilege of working with all sorts of customers and solutions on AWS from nimble, innovative startups to big clunky Enterprises and everything in between both at home and overseas.

I’m passionate about seeing companies become more efficient on AWS and make technology choices that ensure growth, profits, happy staff and customer satisfaction. At the end of the day AWS is a tool to make people’s lives easier, I hope that my blog and insights can help other people on their cloud journey.

On a daily basis I am building, designing/architecting and scaling critical workloads on AWS including legacy systems migration, data integration, App Development right through to micro services architectures.

Some more about me…

One of the most critical turning points in my career was when I decided 3 years ago I wanted to get back into more software development. After some trials including working for a very succesful global software company I eventually came out the other side wanting to go back into my own startup. I didn’t really want to, but realised this was what I was supposed to be doing with my life.

What is amazing about this startup journey is that everything seems to come together at the right time. Sometimes that means immediately, other times months.

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