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Some thoughts utilising my experience as an independent consultant & director as well as an advisor to many of NZ’s largest companies on how we can improve technology use in business in the future using cloud, business analysis and better stakeholder engagement to drive better business outcomes for all.

Back in the days when IT was still like the wild west you could just write some code, design a database and “hook them up” as one Architect I worked with suggested a few phentermine years ago. IN fact you could get away with sloppy practices by using tools such as MS Access for storing your enterprise data across a number of disparate number of systems.

People were focussed on saving paper and designing business processes to be as automated as possible, in their own silos of course.

For a few years when I was running my own small business, I would go to customer sites and hear time and time again:

“Our system is too slow” • “Only 4 or 5 of us can use it at once” • “We don’t know how to report” • “Can you just fix it” and… more often than not I would have to ask the silly question that I knew the answer to “What is your system running on?”. “Acc…”

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