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Some thoughts utilising my experience as  an independent ICT consultant and software engineer and how we can improve technology use in business now using cloud, business analysis and better stakeholder engagement to drive better business outcomes for all.

Following on from a previous post I thought I would touch on a topic within the ICT sphere that affects how well organisations deliver solutions. I mentioned one of the key staff that enables success by “design[ing] solutions, with well defined requirements and business input” is the business analyst, commonly know as the BA. I’m not going to claim I am an expert BA by profession, but just providing some observations based on past experiences I have had working with Business Analysts in the field.

A really well rounded BA can navigate through an organisation at ease, using their expertise and approach for facilitating change. Quite often a BA is either undervalued or alternatively they can be misread as someone who decides on the technical solution, when in fact they play more of a role of recommending solutions. I’ve often heard people say that a good BA is worth their weight in gold, I couldn’t agree more. They know the balance between avoiding costly misinformation and ensuring analysis paralysis* does not stall a business initiative.