Some thoughts utilising my experience as an independent ICT consultant and software engineer and how we can improve technology use in business now using cloud, business analysis and better stakeholder engagement to drive better business outcomes for all.

The last couple of articles about the Wild West I focussed on cloud, avoiding fragmentation and the benefits of good business analysts:

The 3rd part is about the SME (not a small business) or Subject Matter Expert. My experience with SMEs has been varied and at times I’ve been the SME. But what is the value that an SME adds? Most organisations I’ve worked with don’t understand the value of them, but as time has gone on.I have seen people place more value on them and them being treated as a respected authority.

So what is an SME?

They’re a person who has particular business / domain knowledge and may be from any field, role, place within and organisation.  Typically they could be part of a project team to provide advice to the rest of the  project team on their area of expertise. At other times they may be someone who acts as an advisor to business owners to assist with business strategy, technology selection.