Life isn’t a top 5 list of dos and don’ts or the next best 7 ways to succeed. Sometimes the easy path seems to filled with good advice about how easy it is to be successful in business or what steps you need to take to get the next job in your career.

From an IT industry perspective

I’m interested in how this applies to the IT industry and how quickly business decisions around technology can be made based on the “latest” industry advice. Industry advice and popular opinion hasn’t always brought about the best change, in both IT and life in general. History shows us that the most influential changes in society and technology came from innovation requiring creative thinking and abandoning “the norm”.

As soon as someone “touts” that they have x number of steps to follow to success, some advice: be cautious. This means they have managed to whittle down the understanding of your business to something simple, which means they don’t understand the complexity of your business. OR they are trying to offer you some practical advice with the objective of selling you a product or service. The latter one isn ‘t all bad, because they may have a great service and product… and so their motive may be to generally assist you in your IT or business strategy.

So if you’re trying to shape your cloud strategy, business vision, road map or just trying to meet this month’s KPIs/targets make sure you look for advice in the right places. Some places I’ve found really good “free” advice have been in trusted mentors, accountants, lawyers and friends in the industry. And every now and then I find the gem online that I’ll save as a favourite. Some of my favourite go to resources online are some of the tried and true who have the experience Dale Carnegie, Ziglar etc. Failing that common sense it is pretty useful.