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Some thoughts utilising my experience as an independent ICT consultant and software engineer and how we can improve technology use in business now using cloud, business analysis and better stakeholder engagement to drive better business outcomes for all.

Thought for the day.  Rather than “build” connections, why not have an approach of build relationships before “building” a network?

Can I give you a bit of background?

I’ve made the mistake of focussing on my network as a whole; not the individual people that make up that network AND what we can offer each other in terms of business and advice.

This “short term” number building has been at the expense of  getting to know people and genuinely help them.

So what I’m doing at the moment is going through my network (not just LinkedIN and social networks) but friends and people I interact with offline.

This is the theory at least… I hope it works well in practice!

As I am doing this I am looking at each individual and then putting them into a “segment” or group – each segment may have sub segments if they’re above a size of 20. Sometimes people can’t fit TOGETHER in a group,  that’s OK I treat them as just as important as a segment of 20 people. For example The Prime Minister doesn’t really have a segment at the moment, but needs as much attention and thought as the segment of 10 or so people called “politicians” in my network.

The 3 questions I’ve been asking myself

  1. “How can I help this person or group of people?”
  2. And the second question “How can that person or group help me?”
  3. And last, but not least “How can that person or group help another person or group?”

One advantage of this approach is you quite quickly see the value of each segment of your network – not just to you, but to everyone else. My next step is to start tailoring how I approach each individual again and build a relationship with them as well as doing this with segments or groups of people.

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