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Startup Weekend: What is it, are you interested in attending?

Last year I had the privilege of attending Startup Weekend, Vancouver with about 150 other people.

If you haven’t attended one and are coming to Wellington or Kapiti Coast around July come to:

Kapiti Startup Weekend, 22-24 July 2016


I can’t think of anything that will prepare you for Startup Weekend which runs for 54 hours over a weekend and gives entrepreneurs, designers, marketers and developers and opportunity to build a viable product, service or business. It’s run in several locations around the globe giving people the opportunities to connect with other like minded individuals and successful business people who act as mentors.

From the Friday evening to Sunday night you will be surprised at how much you will learn.

One of the things I love about the weekend is that it’s open to anyone, from 16-90+. Your goal over the weekend is to:

  • Build a product
  • Meet new friends
  • Learn fast, fail fast, learn, fail, learn, improve
  • Eat and enjoy the food provided
  • Try and get a free T-Shirt
  • And most importantly have fun while you’re learning

Everyone starts on an equal footing with one of the rules stipulating that you cannot have started the business or product idea, however you may have already done background research. Don’t worry the SW organizing team have ways of checking that.

I took a lot of the learnings back into my business and career.

Why did I go to Startup Weekend?

I went with zero expectations, with the exception that I would get to learn, meet new people and just experience something which has been somewhat of a massive global movement over the last few years.

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