For ANZ based organisations, when it comes to choosing where to run your IT services there is no point trying to accelerate innovation and improve customer service using out-dated infrastructure and applications.

If you want to go along with the status quo and remove any doubt that your organisation is stuck in a time warp then choosing the “old way” of doing things makes sense: e.g. Build your own data centre, Waterfall projects, manual software deployments, PABX.

If you read this and cringe thinking “Here comes another Dev-Ops/ Agile article” then I’m not going to judge you, but you are probably being challenged with your current thinking.

I believe our thinking of how we deliver IT services should always be challenged and be aligned with the demands that customers place on businesses today.

Need secure web hosting on AWS?

Global infrastructure in Public Cloud

The leading Public Cloud provider AWS  has massive global infrastructure offering several data centres across separate regions from Sydney to South America, from Europe to SE Asia and the UK. This means whether you are small or large you can compete on a global scale.

For example if you are growing fast and have offices world wide, you can run and control IT services in the region of your choice, nearer your users .

Everything from Apps to VOIP to Virtual Desktops

You can run, provision and create everything from your email servers, custom applications/databases, third party applications, virtual desktops to VOIP phone systems all in the Public Cloud.

AWS as the leading public cloud vendor has several certifications for running software from leading vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft and SAP.

You can also scale your eCommerce sites, mobile apps, databases and other initiatives simply and cost effectively by only paying for what you need when you need it.

Agile, DevOps and Infrastructure – Shorter Delivery Timeframes

The IT industry continues to go through a major shakeup of how it writes software, builds infrastructure and adds value to the bottom line of businesses.

There are very few industries where running a project for a few years is acceptable anymore. Even car manufacturing has become faster, more automated. Look at Tesla, Toyota and Google self driving cars for example. And take a look at 3D printing, this has completely revolutionised the thinking around how we build and design anything.

Shortened life cycles puts added pressure on IT teams (both development and operations staff) to increase quality with less time, money and people. Add to that the pace of new technology innovation and up-skilling required makes for an interesting challenge.

Agile is becoming the new norm and DevOps practices and tools are gaining popularity to deliver software in a Continuous Integration fashion. The only thing that is now holding you back is your out dated infrastructure.

The cost to refresh your data centre and perhaps keep it running is going to hinder your business and mean you cannot spend more time and focus on innovation, but instead continually water something that provides no immediate benefit.

To really get the most out of Agile and DevOps Public Cloud is the only option.

For several reasons:

  • Ability to provision servers within minutes (not hours or days).
  • Ability to automate infrastructure as part of software release processes.
  • Ability to trial new applications quickly.
  • Ability to have several virtual private networks and VPNs setup immediately.
  • Ability to scale from almost zero to Petabytes of storage instantly.

Running your critical ICT services in AWS is not just about the number of options available and amount of infrastructure. It also about using their PaaS (Platform as a Service) capabilities to speed up development and storage needs simply and effectively.

There is more I could write, but for now go and check them out by clicking on the links below:

So when thinking about how you want your business to succeed think “Public Cloud” first, think Innovation and think Increased Customer Service.