Experience speaks for a lot in the business world and I consider a solid diverse skill set and experience to be my biggest asset for current and future customers. But just to completely contradict myself, I believe passion is considered something that is far more valuable than experience because time has shown that several successes came out of a passion for some radical new way of doing things. Just take a look at the stories of Atlassian (JIRA), Facebook, SpaceX, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Twitter, AirBnB, Uber etc… The list goes on.

I also learnt the last few years that the technical experience I learnt in my earlier career is not as useful as the more recent experience, but combined with the passion and blend of business it helps.

View my projects page to get an overview of types of projects I’ve undertaken.

Over my 18 year career I’ve had the privilege to work with some of NZ’s leading organisations and as a result had the opportunity to grow in my learning as well as meet some really awesome people. Having such a diverse background across several industries and skill sets provides my customers a unique vantage point in that I can translate technology and business needs across several groups of stakeholders.

This means that I can quickly adapt to new environments quickly providing even more added value for customers when I am providing independent advice and services.


From a technology perspective I have worked across the whole stack from network, device driver software, hardware, operating systems, TCP/IP software development, database development, software development right up to the web UI using modern frameworks such as Angular JS and Bootstrap.

Technologies I am skilled in:

  1. AWS Automation with Ansible, CloudFormation and Amazon SDKs.
  2. Node Software Development for Web Scale Computing.
  3. PHP Web and Software Development for Websites.
  4. MySQL/ Amazon RDS Database operations and development of queries.
  5. TCP/IP Networking, Routing and Configuration of Switches, AWS VPC and Direct Connect.
  6. Client side Javascript.
  7. Web Server Configuration including Apache and Nginx.
  8. Linux and Windows systems administration.
  9. Content Management Systems incuding Drupal, WordPress and Silverstripe.